Don't forget about Habitat for Humanity to save on renovation supplies

For those of you about to embark on some renovation projects in your new properties, don't forget to check out Habitat for Humanity for materials. They have a store for overstock and leftover supplies in two locations in Detroit. Go to their website and click the Metro ReStores link on the top for addresses and more info.

Posted by Thomas Turner, 4 replies, last post over 1 year ago

Patrick Beal:

Spiffy. I work with the Detroit Training Center (, a new construction training school that operates here in the city. We work in partnership with a couple of different demo companies and a staffing company to put local residents to work on Demo and Deconstruction Projects. I would be very interested in talking about this with you or other community members.

November 29, 2012
Thomas Turner:

Spiffy, I agree with you that many things are overpriced but these nonprofits do have costs as well. The Architectural Salvage Warehouse of Detroit is somewhat less expensive than habitat on most things. Also, there you can haggle with them! They always shoot me a price and I try to get it down a little bit. You have to ask for a price on things and they will work with you especially if you buy a bunch of stuff.

The website is here:

November 21, 2012
Randal Pope:

Spiff I agree there should be a partnership with whoever is doing the demo work, or perhaps get permission from the city to enter and partially deconstruct the best features of the structures on the city's list. I believe many years ago in St Louis a man was able to make an arrangement like this with the city, and The City Museum is what came of all those building parts. It's an amazing, universally loved place. So, I'm sure the creative people of Detroit can find many ways to utilize this stuff. Even with Habitat , the architectural salvage place, and Reclaim Detroit, already salvaging, most is still going to the dump. I'd love collaborate to start saving some more of this stuff or helping the existing organizations expand.

November 19, 2012
Spiffy Mcspoonful:

I've been here several times looking for all kinds of things. ( the Re-store, I96 @ Greenfield)and the majority of items are over-priced. I found doors, windows, cabinets, at an outdoor flea market near Metro
airport that were a third of habitat prices. I once even bought three reproduction Tiffany lamps that I installed
in a commercial building in Mexicantown; $100 for all three.

I would be nice to find, or create some non-profit associated with a demo company, where we could have crews strip the houses of all re-useable items before
it was brought down. Then open a warehouse in Detroit
to sell these items cheap to people already re-habbing
homes in the city. You could also offer a discounted demo rate to the city in exchange for first dibbs on
empty city-owned property.


November 18, 2012
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