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John Barrett at What happens to the houses that don't sell in the auctions :

I would love to know what happens to these properties as well. Maybe they could have a "3rd round" with an even lower starting bid? What about the sealed bid auction Larry Sheardon mentioned on this thread? Is there a way to find out when that would be? Is that something WDWOT can live link up with their site? Just some thoughts....

October 24, 2012
John Barrett at 8739 Homer:

To quote Homer, "D'oh!"

October 23, 2012
John Barrett at How do you find out annual property taxes?:

I know on the empty lot I own, I pay about $50 a year. That includes summer and winter taxes. My lot is standard issue, 30X100 lot....

September 10, 2012
John Barrett at 20416 Yacama:

I drive by this property a lot and there is no way this property is worth $999.00 let alone $9,900.00 It is burned out and the back roof is caved in. Also the windows are open to the weather and elements. Really sad.

August 20, 2012

I haven't made any neighborhood drawings yet.