One of our hopes for WDWOT is that people with good ideas, projects to propose, and services to offer, will come to the site and present their ideas. We'll build this space out as a place to house all that information. For the time being, take a look at what we have to offer, and e-mail us at if there's something else you'd like to see up here, or if you'd like to propose something to include here yourself.

Help! My House Was Sold!

If you live in a house that was purchased at auction, please contact one of the groups below for assistance, and know you're not alone. We've heard from many people who were paying rent to a landlord only to discover that someone just bought the house. Please also consider leaving a comment on the property's WDWOT page so we can follow the story and help you find out who the new owner is, or you can discretely email us at

United Community Housing Coalition:

Housing Center of Metro Detroit:

Jobs, Services, Projects

Are you looking for someone to help you do something auction- or property-related? Do you provide a service you think a new property owner can use? Have a project idea you want people to know about and get involved in? Send us a short description at and we'll post it here in a work-y, job-y, project-y catch-all.

Examples: "I need someone to inspect a property for me." "I do home deconstructions." "I need a vacant lot mowed." "I'm looking for a lawyer to help me figure something out." "I want to build shipping container houses on this lot, who's in?"


• Khalilah Gaston - - "I'm an urban planner with extensive contacts for board-ups, inspections, clean-outs, re-keying as well as contracts for rehabs."

• Jon Koller, Structural Engineering. If you need a professional opinion regarding structural condition or stamped construction documents for new structural work, please email

• Ryan Kasak - - "I'm an attorney located in Midtown helping property owners and businesses navigate local and state regulatory landscapes. Specifically, I can help with various zoning, land use and property rights issues. I provide free one hour orientation consultations to get people headed in the right direction and special discounted rates (and flat fee services) for anyone who purchased property at the auction."

• You?


• Looks like some possible interest in crowfunding a project at the Patterson Terrace ruins in Brush Park: 203 Erskine (see the comment thread).

• There's some talk of possibly purchasing a few otherwise un-purchased blighted homes and deconstructing them. Drop a line to if you're interested in more as a potential funder or contractor. Deconstruction is a greener and ideally more cost-effective alternative to demolition where homes are taken apart piece by piece so its contents can be re-used and re-sold rather than sitting wasted in a landfill.

• As a general idea, check out the No Property Left Behind concept to purchase properties that don't receive bids and land bank them.

• What else you got?

Official Auction Pages

WDWOT is an independent, non-governmental site and service that sits on top of auction information so that you can better see what's going on, follow, and discuss it. We try our best to keep all info up to date, but can't guarantee anything, so always double-check and use discretion. For official auction sites and information see:

Wayne County Treasurer site


Proxy Bidding

If auction registration is closed and you still want to bid on something, you may be able to find someone who can help you. We currently have no proxy bidders signed up for the 2013 auction. If you're registered and have interest in helping other people bid, drop us a line at

Remember: You can also post your interest in bidding on something in the comments on a particular property or in the Ask & Answer section to see if someone wants to help you. Sometimes it just takes a good story.

If you are registered for the auction and want to help bid for properties on behalf of people who have not been able to register either (AKA acting as their proxy bidder), drop us a line at and we'll post you here. The more the merrier, though of course be very careful in navigating trust relationships with people you haven't met before.

Good luck!

Tax Payment Assistance

1. Create A Payment Plan

If your property is eligible for foreclosure and you would like to pay off your taxes in installments, you can create a payment plan through the Wayne County Treasurer’s Office. You cannot create a payment plan online -- it can only be done in person at the Treasurer’s Office. You may use their online system to calculate how much you would owe via your payment plan.

Contact The Office of the Wayne County Treasurer:
International Center
400 Monroe, 5th Floor
Detroit, Michigan 48226 | Map

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Tax Information Line: 313-224-5990

Pay Taxes Online / Use Payment Plan Calculator

2. Learn About A Poverty Exemption

“A special section (MCL 211.7u) of the Michigan General Property Tax Act, allows for certain property owners to be exempt from taxation.” - Legal Hotline for Michigan Seniors

Review the table below to see if you meet the standards for a poverty exemption for property taxes. Use this application to request an application for a poverty tax exemption. Learn more about the program here.

FY 2012/2013 HHS Poverty Guidelines

Poverty guidelines table


3. Apply For A Year-Long Tax Payment Extension

If your home is eligible for foreclosure in 2013, and you know you are unable to pay your 2010 taxes before the March 31st deadline, you can apply for a year long extension. Learn more about the program here and download an application here.


4. Appeal Your Property Tax Assessment

If your home has suffered fire damage or structural defects, or if it has been demolished, and you would like to appeal your tax assessment, you can do so during the Board of Review from February 1st - February 15th of each year. Learn more about tax assessment appeals here, and download an application here.


5. Apply For Up To $30k In Assistance

For the first time in 2013, the Michigan Homeowner Assistance Nonprofit has received federal funds to help homeowners who have had a financial hardship. Up to $30,000 per household is available for the payment of delinquent taxes and foreclosure prevention. Learn more about the program here, download a pamphlet to read about the details here, and find the online application for MSHDA funds here.


More Help

If you are interested in pursuing any of the above options, but need some help understanding the details, there are people who can help you.

For Free Counseling and Legal Assistance:

  • Wayne County Taxpayer Assistance Department - (313) 224-6105
  • United Community Housing Coalition - (313) 963-3310 (Detroit only)
  • Michigan Legal Services - (313) 964-4130 (Wayne County)
  • Legal Aid and Defender - (313) 964-4700 (Wayne County)

Also be sure to look at this list of grants and foundations that are available to provide financial support.


Work With Us

LOVELAND is looking for web development, product design, community management, and sales talent to enhance WDWOT and bring it to more cities around the country. If you'd like to join our team or are a city, municipality, neighborhood, or organization who would like to learn more about our interactive city mapping services, write us at or call 313-649-5263.