Kudos to the Loveland Team for 'No Property Left Behind'

A Big Thanks! to Jerry, Mary, and Alex for hosting the event at Cafe con Leche at Lafayette Park last night, along with the great participants. It was informative, interesting, and provided some excellent new resources. The event also helped continue to focus our attention on solutions to the largest land use problem in the United States.

I am absolutely convinced that the progress and incredible effort of the LoveLand team over the past three years is a transformative event in the arc of Detroit's future. It has enabled anyone with ambition to visualize the scope of the problem, tackle land use projects, identify important social justice issues, or simply find a place for themselves in the Detroit community.

It also captures the absurdity of auctioning off 5% of the city every year and will be fundamental in changing the land use conversation.

Thanks guys, for your vision, commitment, and thoughtful action that is helping to accelerate the development of 21st century Detroit.

Posted by Bill Cheek, 0 replies, last post over 2 years ago

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