DCS at Detroit:

Appeal your City of Detroit 2015 Property Taxes

Are your property taxes just Too Damn High??? In 2014, Detroit City Services saved our tax appeal clients tens of thousands of dollars in property tax payments. Don’t let your 2015 property tax assessment go undisputed. The appeals process is challenging, time consuming and stressful! Taxpayers are burdened with the obligation of overturning the “presumption of correctness” that is automatically granted to the city’s property tax assessor. At Detroit City Services, our determining factor in overturning the assessment is our concise and detailed presentation of a case which is supported by relevant and substantial data regarding the true taxable value of your property.

There are several phases in challenging an assessment. Each phase has deadlines, requirements and filing procedures. DCS has years of established success in appealing property tax assessments therefore lowering the amount you pay in property taxes.

Let us do all the work! Our full service property tax appeal service incorporates the following:

• Filing your property tax appeal return notice by the designated deadline
• Filing all appeal documents with the city tax assessor in a timely manner
• Collect, research and analyze market data to be used during appeal hearings
• Develop a reasonable and fair taxable value for your property
• Meet and negotiate with city tax assessors
• Present evidence at the Board of Review tax appeal hearings

So…if your property if highly overvalued and you are paying too much in property taxes give DCS a call today!

December 2, 2014
DCS at Detroit:

Preparing property assessments on the 2014 tax sale properties for the upcoming Wayne County Tax Auction. Many buyers in previous tax auctions had no knowledge of the properties they purchased less a photo on a website; no knowledge of the neighborhood, the community, whether a property was vacant, occupied, stripped or otherwise. We want to prepare prospective bidders with the information necessary to make a profitable and worthwhile investment choice. Every year numbers of uninformed investors purchase non-performing assets without any assistance. Let us be your eyes and knowledge center for this upcoming auction. We love this city. This is our city. We live here; we work here; we prosper here! Call Lee at 248-905-1607.

August 21, 2014
DCS at 21463 Margareta:

Hello Julie,
Please give me call. I can help with the demolish issue you are having on this property. I can get it off the demo list, but want you to know that the city does charge to have it removed...Lee 248-212-6522.

August 19, 2014
DCS at Detroit:

December 14, 2013
DCS at Detroit:

Hello Everyone...anyone needing to file their PTA's and don't have time or are located out of state, give us call 248-242-1878 or 248-275-4234. Thanks!

December 6, 2012
DCS at Detroit:

If you are having difficulty navigating the process of property transfers, deed registrations, eviction filings or other processes related to properties, please call us today 888-963-9993. We are here to assist!

November 29, 2012
DCS at Detroit:

Here's an interesting scenario...we were contracted today by an out-of-state investor who won a bid for a property sold at auction that was not really the property sold at auction. Two different properties with the EXACT same legal description. Only in the "D". DCS to the rescue! We'll keep you posted.

November 6, 2012
DCS at Detroit:

2014 Property Tax Appeals...anyone still needing help appealing 2014 property taxes may still have time to enter the appeal process. Give us call! 866-963-9993 or 248-242-1878.

February 22, 2014
DCS at Detroit:

Evictions...need assistance? Give us a call...248-242-1878 or 248-212-6522.

December 16, 2013
DCS at 5959 Harvard Rd:

Hello Cassandra, Did everything turn out OK on your home? I hope all is well. If there is anything DCS can do to help if needed, please give us a call to discuss 586-806-9638.

November 6, 2012

I haven't made any neighborhood drawings yet.