John Barrett

John Barrett at Detroit:

I was interested in bidding on an empty lot in the Wayne County Tax Auction second round where the bids start at $500. I went to the auction page and noticed that in order to bid on one property you need to put down a $2000 deposit?!? Are you kidding me? I don't have that kind of money laying around. Anyone already registered interested in buying my lot in question for me then I can buy it back from you??

September 21, 2014
John Barrett at Detroit:

Hello fellow WDWOTers! I was wondering if anyone has purchased a property through the Michigan Land Bank. If they did, was it a difficult process? Thanks!

November 28, 2012
John Barrett at 8739 Homer:

To quote Homer, "D'oh!"

October 23, 2012
John Barrett at 20416 Yacama:

I drive by this property a lot and there is no way this property is worth $999.00 let alone $9,900.00 It is burned out and the back roof is caved in. Also the windows are open to the weather and elements. Really sad.

August 20, 2012